WatMan Engineering provides solutions for demanding water treatment


Energy efficient desalination for luxury cruise ships

WatMan is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury cruise water equipment in the world. We have been providing solutions for freshwater production and seawater desalination for the world’s largest and finest luxury cruise ships since 2008. Our appliances are extremely energy efficient, long lasting and therefore also environmentally friendly.

We design and build facilities for both new ships and existing ones. Even small spaces are not a problem for us.


Process water treatment solutions

WatMan provides industry with quality and customized solutions for water purification, reuse and recycling. Clean water can be a prerequisite for the manufacturing process or the goal is to increase the environmental friendliness of the process.

We always implement solutions for process water treatment, desalination and oily water treatment, taking into account the needs of our customers.

Power plants

Reliable water treatment solutions for power plants

It is of paramount importance that the operation of the power plant is stable and reliable in terms of water treatment. We tailor flexible solutions for power plants to all processing methods and needs, and we deliver reliable equipment directly from the manufacturer. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of ion exchange, reverse osmosis and EDI processes, for example.

Manufacture of potable water

Turnkey solutions for drinking water production

WatMan manufactures customized solutions for drinking water production regardless of the raw water source. The equipment is designed to be as easy to set up and safe to use as possible. When choosing components, we emphasize the longest possible and highest quality parts.


Water treatment containers

Easy to transport water treatment container

In addition to traditional machine installations, we supply convenient and cost-effective container installations around the world. The water treatment system installed in the sea container is inexpensive to transport and easy to implement.

Containers are always equipped with insulation, lighting and proper ventilation and air conditioning, depending on the location. Taking into account all accessories and the customer’s special needs.

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