Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Voyager-class cruise vessel retrofits

WatMan Engineering Ltd Oy delivered retrofitted seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant for Royal Caribbean Cruises owned Voyager class cruise vessels. Plants were designed to be retrofitted in existing cruise vessel. Ships were originally built in era between 2000-2009 and WatMan SWRO retrofit units were implemented to increase existing water treatment capacity. Implemented unit had freshwater make-up capacity of 800 m3/day. Scope of delivery consisted seawater pre-filtration plant, 2-pass Reverse Osmosis stage, as well as potable water remineralization stage and disinfection. Full process equipment was designed and installed in steel skids. After factory testing plant was dismantled for delivery to ship. Tight corridors and limited space in cruise vessel set special conditions for installation and plant design. This challenging retrofit project was implemented successfully in years 2018-2019. WatMan delivered totally four, similar units for RCL:s Voyager class cruise ships

Process automation and operation is designed to be fully independent. Process was designed according marine industry’s high standard regulations. Full process equipment was installed in steel skids, factory tested and delivered to shipyard. After installation WatMan commissioned plants in sea trial. After successful delivery, co-operation with Meyer Turku continues in future projects.

Scope of delivery
2-pass Reverse Osmosis Plant, 800 m3/day, 4 vessels, 1 unit each
Feed water quality
Seawater, TDS 37000 mg/l
Treated water quality
TDS <30 mg/l
Key design parameters
Recovery 39 %, Electricity consumption 2,6 kWh/m3, Installation in operating vessel
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