Wärtsilä, Lombok Indonesia, Boiler make-up water plant

WatMan Engineering Ltd Oy delivered Seawater Reverse osmosis plant for Wärtsilä’s project in Indonesia Lombok. Scope of delivery consisted full sea water treatment line designed, and factory tested to prepare engine make up water for Wärtsilä’s power plant needs. Line consist from chemical flocculation with dissolved air flotation unit. After flotation, Reverse Osmosis is used for desalination. Finally, electrodeionization is used for pure water make up. Scope included also remineralization line for potable water preparation and additionally few water booster stations. Sea water quality in Asian shorelines requires many phased treatments in order to get required purity level of Wärtsilä project. Full process equipment was installed in steel skids, factory tested and prepared for ship delivery. WatMan commissioned plant at site in 2019.

Scope of delivery
DAF with chemical flocculation 36m3/h, SWRO 2 x 4 m3/h, Electro demineralization 4 m3/h Re-mineralization 8 m3/h, Water booster units
Raw water quality
Seawater, TDS 37000 mg/l
Fresh water quality
High pressure boiler make-up water + Potable water
Key design parameters
Shoreline seawater with high organic content. Price and compact size. Reliability.